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Shipping Info provides you fast and safe shipping resolutions in lower cost.

Any item sent out from office will be packed in a reasonable and professional way so that your costume will not be folded or the package will not be crashed during shipping term. And parcels sent out will be arrived in your destination in about 5-7 working days which actually varies from the courier you choose (You have UPS, DHL, EMS and FedEx as your options).

What’s the shipping cost regarding my shopping?

We don’t charge items shipping fee based on weight, we do it per item quantity.

No matter which country you come from and which item you buy. We charge them in flat rate (check the table below for detailed rates), which means shipping cost per package. You may know that why we count it based on package. Every wedding dress needs its individual package so that it won’t be fold or broken when you receive it. The reason is wedding dress is kinda dream needs to be taken good care of. If you are professional enough and get awareness of the right way to take care of clothes, then you can contact us for one way package of multi-items order and save your shipping fee. But we will not be the one in responsible of any fold and broken issues caused by packing and shipping as that is not the recommended idea.


By default, we don’t buy insurance of shipping for our customers without requiring.

If you want to insure your products for shipping, then please contact us and send the corresponding insurance fee to us. The rate is 2% of your total order amount (shipping fee not included.)

Shipping Rates Table






Shipping Fee(/item)





Estimated Time

5-7 Days

7-9 Days

4-6 Days

4-6 Days